To challenge yourself - a card challenge

Making cards to others is fun! Birthday or Christmas or whatever. But when you know that the person who shall receive it doesn't like the colours you like? So I found my self sitting with the colours trying to get them together in a card for my sister in laws 40'th birthday. I had to change it over and over again and thought that I would never make something I would be able to send.
I was smart; i wrote to my sister and asked her which her wifes favourite colours are. And if she has a
"I hate colour". Orange, yellow, green (and I kind of thought that minty green wouldn't count as her favourite green) and red. Red I've used before but the other ones aren't my favourite colours. I sat with the card for three days before and after work. But i finally got it in the mail quite content what I'd made with something that I found hard to use. Yes, it's good to challenge yourself every now and then. So I did that again, challenge me I meen... I'll get back to that.
I bought a cardstock, green on one side and green with white daisys on the other side. I stamped around the edges with green flowers and I died cut a piece of the cardstock and embossed it in by Sissix with the beehive pattern. Yes, I don't know what you call it and it doesn't say on the package. It's from Mariannes design. And then I die cutted red and yellow cardstock which I layered oo top. Stamped the banderole (OLD Dictionary beside me), stamped and fussy cut flowers and diecut some leaves. I used foamtape inbetween the layers. Her name i die cut to and layered on narrow washi. it doesn't show that well in the Picture but I used diffrent greens and yellows. The red one I bet you can see. ;)
In the inside I stenciled butterflies with my Heidi stencil. Unfortunately it got horrible when i used acrylic paint. I put Wink of Stella on them but you can't see that in this bad photo. Die cut oakleaves (perfect with red, yellow and orange since it matches the season outside and i die cut a flower with flowerdie from Maggie Holmes. I layered it with foamtape. Then I made a flipcard that I used an edge punch around. Which you can't see because of my lack of photography scills... And because of the same lack you can't se that I wrote "Grattis Mia" (means congratulations Mia ;) ) with watercolour. That is one of my new I-love-to-do-thingies. (I so wish English was my first language or at least better so I could express myself the way I want...)
And here comes Another example of what I can't do. I used Pic Frame to turn the Picture around and downloaded it to my computor, but then when I downloaded that correct picture it turned up side down again. Tried and tried and then i thought I could fool the computor or at least this blogsite by downloading the up side down picture. But no, no, no. So I gave up. I'm giving you the possibility to try your self to se how good you are to see what's in an up side down picture. I will only mention that I once again wrote with water colours and that yellow cardstock I embossed in my Sissix and then die ut. And some of the bumpy patterns i coloured in with...
green, yellow, orange and red.
Of cause I had to play with the envelope. Can't send a homemade card in an ordenary white envelope, can you ;) Stamped, stamped and stamped. (That is: played, played and played.)
There havn't been done alot in my little scrappy place the last couple of weeks. Been working alot since we have had sick colleagues and colleagues who has started to study that we've had to fill in for. And then when I'm home there has been those ordenary schoolmeetings, the kids activities and I've been lying on the couch with a hot wheat pad because of my backpain. I also have trouble when I'm writing cause if I've used my hand for some hours I loose control over my fingers. I have some nervs that get "squeezed" when I use my muscles after a whiplash injury almost 20 years ago.
But this backpain I have is a torture. My life really gets affected. Enough of that. It has sabotaged so much else for me and I wont let it sabotage my blog too!
The other day I stumbled across a new, fun way of making cards (not very new to the rest of the World, but to me, Little miss So Far Behind) A neverending card. I saw my chance of challenge myself again. I have a friend (who I learned to know through work about 100 years ago) that is not very fond of... "unclean" stuff. I thought she would throw up when she saw my homemade planner. :)
My mission; make a card that even she had to think was funny, and maybe even pretty.
I hope she'll like it at least.
My plan is to write something about my scraproom tomorrow, I tried to organize my dies, but in Sweden whole sheets of magnets is obvious something you'll find easy, unless you want to pay a fortune, so if someone in Sweden reads this, please tell me if you know where to find it!
I also have one or two layouts to share and if someone is interested in Fauxbonichi I can show that to. (That is, since I suspect that nobody reads this far, if reads my blog at all, I upload that if I have time)
Now I will spend the rest of my day setting up my golden Webster Pages journal. I'm making my own stickers, colour coded, to keep me and my family as organized as possible. Maybe I can show something of my planner to.
Till next time. Have a nice week!

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