Scrapbooker goes bananas and turns into scribbling Faubonichimaniac

That Inkie Quill tricks me in to too many Projects! Suddenly my "get all the pictures into albums project" is lying beside me untuched and instead I'm stamping, scribbling, playing with watercolours, writing list from #ListersGottaList and writing in my version of Faubonichi. (Or is the Spelling Fauxbonichi?!) Yes, I admit, she's my new idol! (alongside the gents P Brosnan,  G Butler, R Crow, H Jackman, S Connery... and other goodies for your eyes)
I Think it was this week that Adele Toomey presented her new channel Let's get Inkie on YouTube where she shows, among other things, how she makes her art journal, planner and Fauxbochini. And I got stuck.
So the next day I picked up from my stacks of old notebooks this pink cutie with White pages inside.                                                     
And then I started to decorate the inside, put in this months ListersGottaList, made a monthly calendar of September and started to make a page for each day. And then I had to go to work. That was yesterday.
Today I got back home and started to fill the two pages with watercolours, stamps (I've found these wounderful get well-stamps from Mariannes design who are perfect for someone with my profession.)
I've found this page on facebook for those who do ListersGottaList and where someone suggested a channel on YT if you wanted to learn how to write neat. So I checked it out and I was caught. I've always had a terrible handwriting, my Calliography Writing has been OK though. But I've always loved writing and scribbling and my planners are full of this. So this channel by Cindy Guentert link here was a true finding to me! So I've been playing around all the evening.  These two pages is what I've done so far. (Beside the inside of the bookcover where I've, for example, put this months list.)
Well, I wont have any problems knowing what to do in my spare time! This is really fun!
I've been writing diarys since I learned how to write. Not the one you write on an everyday bases, but when something's been very fun or tough I've been writing. A diary is like having a psychologyst in your drawer.
I've been working Monday, Thuesday, Thursday and today. And I will be working Saturday, Sunday and Monday but on Tuesday I hope I will be able to make some pages for my album! And Tuesday I hope that I can put out another page of my scraproom storage.
'till then... have a nice weekend the ones of you who are free from work!

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