Canary Islands a long long time ago

I guess I'm not alone having photos since the 19'th Century to put into albums? So glad I've finally made it to December 2010. Pictures from my familys journey to Playa del Ingles together with my best friend Katarina and her family. When I see the pictures I can't belive how small our kids were...
There havn't been alot of time to scrapbook (put my photos into albums). But at least three pages have been done.
Doiles, crepe paper, a couple of different papers, puffy stickers, Wood vinears and a lovely Heidi Swapp paper. A frame that I backed with a 6 x 6 paper from an unknown stack turned out just Lovely. A tag with butterfly with some wink of Stella on the butterflies made it perfect. Unfortunately it's not possible to see in that pictures. (A camera is added to my wish list...) I've learned that you're supposed to cover the faces that you've not permission to show, that's why there are papers in some photos... (sorry, family, havn't asked you)
The second LO i finished this week was an eveníng photo from the barbecuenight.
I'm so sorry!!! I really don't understand why the computor insists on turning some photos like this!!! I've tried to put it in "the wrong direction" from the start but then the picture ends up here the way I've saved it to the computor, and then I turn it like I want to, and than it turns up here the same way as I've saved it. It obviously wants to be shown like this the *###?+?+ -picture... ("cursing" -picture)
 It's a little bit of everything in this LO and I like it. That background paper from Heidi is just lovely!
As you probably notice we do not write the dates in Sweden as you do abroad; we put the year first, than the month and than the date.
This third layout is from our bustrip to the beach. Two little kids who just can't stop laughing. It was so funny cause our whole time in the Canarian Islands it was the two boys, my youngest and Katarinas youngest, who never stopped chatting and laughing but during this bustrip it was my son and Katarinas daughter who stood for the entertainment.
In Swedish:
bus= mischief
So in Swedish buss with one "s" within bracets makes the title actually pretty fun...
                                                        My one and only son.
When I scrap I most of the times have the intention to use one "brand" but I Always end up mixing all kinds. In this LO there is Heidi, Crate Paper and Simple Stories for example. If there's anything you want to know, just ask!
                                                         This is my lovely daughter.
Tonight I've been at a lecture about colorectalcancer. I love when we have the opportunity to learn more about the diseases we have in our ward, about the new treatments and an update on what happens in our bodies when that kind of disease strikes someone. There are so many kinds of cancer so you need to get a reminder every now and then of the different types.
I know that the ones who are sick and their families Think that there aren't enough treatements but compared to 10-20 years ago the treatments are so much better!!!
And don't you think "it's easy for you to say", I've been a "family" too. I know how you feel when you wait for the test results and when your family is during treatment. When you wait for the result of how the treatment went.
I know. It's a hell.
But we're lucky to live these Days. If we get sick our odds are better. And the odds are getting better with every new treatment that comes.
Today, layouts. I didn't get anything out from my room, this week either. But that's because I didn't put that first, my room isn't that big and neither is my stock...
If someone reads this, and wants to see something special, like my floor or my balalaika, just tell me!
Have a nice weekend! I will spend my at work.

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